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10 Lifestyle Changes That Happen After You Start Meditating


10 Lifestyle Changes That Happen After You Start Meditating

... Light Watkins :

Once you begin meditating daily, life as you knew it will begin to take on some interesting twists and turns. Old habits will break down, outdated belief systems may come into question and as a bonus, you’ll likely start sleeping like a baby.

In short, daily meditation will have positive effects on just about every aspect of your life.

Here are 10 common lifestyle changes that meditators have reported within their first year of daily practice:

1. You start waking up earlier.

Meditation enhances the quality of your nighttime sleep. As a result, you’ll generally require less sleep than you needed before you began meditating and yet, you'll feel just as rested the next day.

This means that the time you spend meditating will be refunded back to you — the time you're not tossing and turning in bed, wishing sleep was working better. The only question is: what to do with all of that extra time?

2. You’ll drink less alcohol.

Many people consume alcohol as a way of alleviating stress. If that’s you, then you may notice less of a desire to drink as much when the benefits of daily meditation start to kick in.

Alcohol, after all, is a depressant. As meditation helps you release your stress and boost immunity, the need for excessive amounts of alcohol begins to wane. Cutting down your daily consumption to just a couple of glasses of wine in a week will start to seem like the natural thing to do


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