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3 Reasons To Try Vedic Meditation + How To Stick To It

... Elena Brower :

Meditation invokes a quieting ocean of calm, but only with time and consistent practice. But I didn't get that until I really devoted myself to it. The biggest shift was the implementation of a simple meditation technique that I learned from Vedic meditation master, Thom Knoles.

Often, folks will say they've tried to meditate but cannot stop their mind, sit still or stop thinking. That's why it's important to learn from someone who's done their work — a master. Without masterful instruction, we couldn't expect to be proficient in anything.

For example, we wouldn't have a peer teach a 16-year-old teenager how to drive — we'd have an experienced person, proficient in giving driving instruction to give the new driver sound guidance. Demonstration from a master is the best way to avoid the negative associations that come with failed personal trials — in any aspect of our learning. Their feedback, hints and tips from years of experience are invaluable to any practice. 

And though I had a meditation practice long before meeting Thom, there were still elements of my intellect that were obstructing the quiet enjoyment of meditation. I still needed a way out of chronic mental aggression I experienced for most of my life — I couldn't see the ease and softness beneath it all. With Thom's guidance I corrected the habitual assumptions and negations in my mind, and have been able to get much more out of each sitting.