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8 Signs Your BoyFriend Is a Liar

... Pooja Reddy/Unbound:

Its just one of those normal days,doing your usual thing but you can sense some discomfort between you and your partner but aren't sure about what it is. You start noticing changing in your boyfriend’s behaviour. Many questions pop up in your head, Did i do something wrong? Did he do something wrong? Is he trying to hide something? You’ll probably settle with the fact that its just one of those days where your mind starts wandering and don't give much importance to the situation. But what if there is something really wrong? We are here to clear those doubts for you. We listed out a few things you need to observe if there is any change in his behaviour to figure out if he is lying or not.

1.Starts to be formal and distant while talking:

When you are talking you start noticing a change in his behaviour like, not being attentive,trying to avoid the conversation or being too being too formal or even being very specific on what happened and stressing on it. Don't neglect such things even though they are small, If you observe any of these things stand up for yourself and face it.

2.His nose is warmer:

Studies show that when your boyfriend is trying to lie to you, his nose becomes warmer than usual. Its hard to tell if his nose is warmer or not so first notice if his nose is tuning red-ish or pinkish. Just try to touch his face as general gesture of affection and make sure you touch his nose. It’ll help you understand quite lot about what is happening immediately.

3.He stares at you for longer:

Do you think he is staring into your eyes for longer than usual while having an argument, trying to prove that he is right about some situation that happened before. If this happened then don't trust him, his is just a LIAR!

4.They pause before answering:

He thinks for longer before answering or starts taking breaks when having an conversation or using his tongue to wipe his lips in between a conversation. These are usual things any guy would do trying to hide and lie about it later.

5.Big Butt:

Its known that men with bigger butts lie more than men with smaller butts. We don't suggest that all men with big butts are liars but its always better to have a check on your man.

6.Tries to change the topic:

Your boyfriend might start diverting the topics when it gets uncomfortable or you start questioning him about something he is not ready to talk about. Make sure to note this and get to the roots of the situation.

7.Gets angry easily:

He flares out when you ask him something or becomes too emotional about things which he doesn't usually then,Yes! There is something fishy about it.

8.Makes hurried body movements:

If you notice your boyfriend passing his fingers through his hair, shaking his legs, playing with his fingers or scratching his face unnecessarily while talking to you, then its an indication that he is probably guilty about something or is hiding something from you.