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8 Widely Held Beliefs You'll Reconsider After You Start Meditating


8 Widely Held Beliefs You'll Reconsider After You Start Meditating

... Light Watkins /Mindbodygreen:

Daily meditation, like many other foundational practices, can uproot and shed light onto some of the nearest and dearest beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world we live in.

Over time and practice, some of those beliefs will be reshaped, while others might be replaced completely by much higher levels of understanding that you will inevitably experience within.

My 15 years of meditating have influenced me to re-examine several of my most strongly-held beliefs about how life works, and my place in it.

Here are some of the more commonly held beliefs that I’ve heard other long-term meditators bring into question after their first few years of daily meditation: 

1. “Happiness is a choice.”

Meditating regularly makes you realize that happiness is actually less of a choice and more of a byproduct of consistent inner work. Think of it like chopping down a tree. Your consistent meditation is like swinging an ax into the tree trunk of despair. Eventually it falls, whether you wanted it to or not.

This is why the illusion of choice-based happiness is often fleeting, and hinges on outcomes appearing to be favorable, whereas true inner happiness sustains itself throughout the ever-changing emotional landscape of life. You know you’re stabilizing true happiness when you have more of a desire to go with the flow, and less of a need to control people, places and outcomes.

2. “I don’t have time to meditate.”

Prior to meditating, many people assume they don’t have the extra time needed in order to meditate; that is, until they begin seeing how meditation refunds them back the time they spend doing it.

As stated above, meditation typically makes you a happier person (whether you like it or not!) and happy people tend to sleep better, stay healthier and make better life choices. When you’re happier and healthier you can get more accomplished, with extra time to spare for family and friends, creative pursuits and of course, more meditation. 


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