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This Is How Anger Messes With Your Brain and Body


This Is How Anger Messes With Your Brain and Body

... Ashish/scienceabc:

Every once in a while, we enter that phase when we get insanely mad at people, places, things, everything and sometimes at nothing. That phase is the ‘angry’ phase. It is not actually a scientific name, it is just used by some people to distinguish this phase from all the other phases of human nature.

Anger has been condemned by many philosophers, spiritual leaders and even scientists since hundreds of years. The sudden outburst of this strong emotion most of the times, if not always, leads to harmful consequences; not to mention sometimes the results are fatal to someone’s life.

he most irritating thing about anger is that it flares one up, ready to charge at a moment’s notice, as if he has to capture the whole world. What makes anger such a difficult beast to tame?

The Science Behind Anger

Consider a situation which makes you angry. Now amygdala, the part of the brain which is responsible for responses to outside stimuli, triggers the release of a neurotransmtter called as ‘catecholamines’.  These encourage fatty deposits to pile up in the heart and carotid arteries, making you feel a sudden burst of energy, and ultimately preparing you for ‘physical battle’. Two other hormones are also released which make your blood pressure high. Blood rushes to your head at a fast pace and that is why your face appears red.


What’s the way-out?

Fortunately or unfortunately, it all depends on how good you are controlling your actions. The pre-frontal cortex, which is responsible for self control, is the part of the brain that gets affected when anger hits. Not only anger, whenever you are faced with a situation and you are supposed to make a conscious decision, the pre-frontal cortex comes into play. So that is the part that you need to make stronger.

Some remedies to quick anger include taking deep breaths when you feel anger rising up inside your head. Some psychologists also suggest to count from 1 to 10 slowly in your head and soon you will realise that you have won over your anger.

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