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10 Tips for Getting Command over Maths

... Snigdha Aggarwal Shah

For many of us Maths is a scary word. Many of us wonder if we would ever be able to get command over our Maths skills. Fact is, Mathematics is a skill that can be mastered with plan, practice and determination. If we're tired of not getting best grades in Maths, we need to change our approach and apply some of the suggestions here. We’ll see results within a few weeks of putting additional effort.

1 Discard the Fear of Maths:  Maths is easy. We need to immediately throw away the fear that “I can’t Do Maths”. Maths is easy we approach it with the right confidence, plan and sincerity of effort. Its important that we have confidence over our abilities. We guarantee we will be far better at Maths if we did this.

2 Master the Basics: Many of us struggle in maths because our basics and fundamentals are not fully developed. Algebra and Geometry are the building blocks for the more advanced math later on (Calculus, Differential Equations, etc...). If we concentrate on building a strong foundation, later on maths will become a lot easier.

3 Develop Conceptual Clarity: All too often, we will try to memorize a procedure or sequence of steps instead of looking to understand why certain steps are required in a procedure. Always, always strive for understanding the why and not just the how. Be proactive when learning Maths. Try to make connections in math, many of the concepts in math are related and connected. The more connections we can make, the greater the understanding will be.

4 Have mastery over formulas: In maths, while facing a question, it is formula that comes to our rescue. While solving a problem, if we can find the right formula that has to be applied, half of the problem is solved. Mastery over formulas comes only when our basics and fundamentals are clear. Also, constant revision is also required.

5 Get Ahead & Prepare for the Next Class:  We all have our prescribed Maths book. What we can do is, study ahead of the Class. Whenever we have time, we can look a section ahead, and be prepared for tomorrow's Class. When we pre-read, there are already questions on our mind. In the class we will proactively look for answers to these questions. Such an approach will result in we taking away more from the class by way of learning.

6 Be Attentive and Ask Questions: While in the Class we should be attentive and Listen closely. Take lots of notes. When we take lots of notes, we have something to study with and we can remember math with greater ease. In case we failed to understand something, we should immediately ask our doubt (don’t care if other students are going to find the question dumb). Otherwise we will miss the flow and start drifting behind the class and lose confidence.

7 Follow –up on Class Lessons the Same Day: Same Day we should read through our notes from class. Doing this will help us understand the topics currently being discussed. Also we must make sure we practice some of the problems which use the concept which was taught in the Class. This will reinforce our understanding of the concepts and throw up areas of doubts, if any.

8 Ask for Help: It's okay to ask for help; we will not get the help we need if we don't ask. We can reach out to our teachers, parents, elders, seniors or even our fellow class mate for help. This will mean that we do not get stuck at some point and lose interest due to frustration of not being to solve a problem.

9 Practice, Practice, Practice…..:

When it comes to maths, the more we practice, the better we get at it. We should try to get our hands on as many practice books as possible and try to solve them all. In the process, we will come across doubts and difficulties, which we can solve by taking help of our parents, teachers or even a fellow student.

10 Take Difficult Topics Head-On:

Some Concepts and Topics are obviously more difficult than others. Many of us have the tendency of avoiding those topics and spending more time on the easier ones.  So, naturally, more time and effort has to be allotted towards the preparation and revision of those sections.

WE are sure if we incorporate these points into our daily routine, we will be much better at Maths. Let’s give this a few weeks and check for ourselves.