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7 qualities that would make every female entrepreneur a winner! Hear it from a winner herself

... Business Insider:

We all talk about the boom of e-commerce and start-ups. Sadly, we failed to notice the gender disparity in the same. 

"There isn't much of a support system for us," said Anisha Singh, CEO of mydala, who is also among the very few who are ruling the space. 

Anisha acknowledges that there was as time when she was the only one. Scenario is changing now, she is glad, and more female players are entering the field. 

With female entrepreneurs coming forward to create a difference, what is that one big thing that will make them the winner? 

1. Believe- Women often lack the confidence that they can lead, thanks to the Indian society. All one needs is to believe in oneself and her visions. 

2. Logic- Don't be blind on by your visions. We need to make logical decision on what we are going to build and come up with a product or an idea. And we are good to go. 

3. Don't overthink- This is something women tend to do always, doubt. Women like to make sure that everybody is happy with her decisions and she will manage everything. This is never the case. We need to learn to let things go and accept everything is not our fault. 

4. Your idea better be serving some need- One needs to have a vision that solves a puzzle that no one else is doing or do something better. E-commerce is already done. We need to do make it better. 

"As long as you have something you are solving, just go after it." 

5. Becoming a mother- Women often leave work after becoming pregnant. One can juggle pregnancy and work and that too successfully, says Anisha who was eight months pregnant when she co-founded mydala. And now she successfully manages work and her two sons, five years and one year old. She says that after becoming a mother a women should be working with much greater determination for, if she can give birth, nothing is impossible in the world. 

6. Create a support system- If men are not giving us that, we have to create it for ourselves. 

7. Competition-Women tend to see other women as a competition. Now that there are very few in the space, instead of seeing each other as a competition, all needs to unite to build a comfortable space for them.