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7 Remedies that help Cure Sunburn


7 Remedies that help Cure Sunburn

... Pooja Reddy/LearnUnbound:

Not every trip out under the sun can be pre planned one and hence all ofus do end up with sunburn sometime or the other. So, what are some of the proven remedies that show good results? Here are six of them that have been found to more effective that others:

Drink More Water

After Sunburn the skin gets dehydrated, hence one should  drink plenty of water . Water replenishes skin's lack of moisture from the inside out. We should aim to drink at least eight glasses of water each day.

Take an Oatmeal Bath

The polyphenols in oats may reduce itching and inflammation. Purchase an oatmeal soak or simply  grind Oats to a very fine powder in a blender or food processor, then add to your bath. Dry milk powder will also add additional soothing qualities. The milk's lactic acid hydrates and calms skin, explains Tedaldi.

Aloe Up

Also vera is an age-old remedy for sunburn. It can be very cooling, but I’ve found that the plant works better than a gel or lotion. It works because of  its anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin Treatment

For topical healing, spread vitamin E oil (prick a capsule and squeeze the oil out) directly on the burn. 

Oil Treatment

Essential oils like Lavender and helichrysum  and coconut oil can also help—the fatty acids helps relieve inflammation and restore moisture.

Brew Some Tea

Remember what we said about antioxidants? Green tea has 'em, too. "It can also boost your immunity and help protect your skin from future burns," says Tedaldi.

After-Sun Lotions

Home remedies not your style? Go to the drugstore and find an after-sun lotion. Look for stuff we mentioned earlier (aloe, coconut oil, antioxidants). General drugstore words of warning: Avoid products with alcohol. They'll dry out your skin and make things worse

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