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Amusing Facts About Hyderabad

... Vivek/CityHyd:

Hyderabad is an awesome city, not just for its food and heritage, but also for its growth and diversity. We at CityHyd are so much in love with the Hyderabad city that we created this fascinating platform for people to exchange what they like the most about the city of nawaabs. Well, in this post, we are giving you out the most interesting facts about Hyderabad city. So, read them and get amazed!!

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10 Most Interesting Facts About Hyderabad

  1. Hyderabad has Asia’s biggest and one of the World’s biggest and best Convention centers ‘HICC – Hyderabad International Convention Center
  2. Hyderabad has world’s biggest film complex in terms of area: Ramoji Film City
  3. Hyderabad is leading in Hospital Tourism, now almost trying to lead in Eco Tourism as well.
  4. Hyderabad is one of the elite cities in India, which has a top business school: Indian School of Business, top technology institutes: an IIT and an IIIT, and Birla has already setup Bits in Hyderabad.
  5. Hyderabad is India’s most connected city with the highest Tele-density.
  6. Hyderabad has got bigger and bigger, and now Hyderabad is a Tricity (previously a Twin City): CYBERABAD-HYDERABAD-SECUNDERABAD!!
  7. Each year the biggest number of travelers to USA are from Hyderabad (or from Andhra Pradesh state), therefore US chose Hyderabad over Bangalore for setting up its new consulate.
  8. The IMAX Theater in Hyderabad have the World’s largest screen and the only true 3D screen in India.
  9.  Hyderabad is the best place to start any new retail business or Mall in India as per the study performed by private agencies on how Malls are fueling sales in India. As per the reports, Malls in Hyderabad report the maximum number of sales in the entire country.
  10. Hyderabad has the maximum number of engineer inhabitants in the whole country.

Isn’t it fascinating?