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Bruce Lee : Music Review

... Naveen D/Unbound:

This composition by Thamman has been created with an eye on the current generation and is pretty stylish in theme.  Many  singers have been used to render songs such as  Megha, Thaman, Sai Sharan, Samira Bharadwaj, Ramya Behara, Rabbit Mac, Nivaz, Deepak. All have put have good show and have done justice to the compsitions.

Le Chalo

Artists: Thaman, Megha
Lyricist: Ramajogayya Sastry

This one is a winner. 'Le Chalo' is already a hit and has the stamp of  Thaman on it.  Megha has rendered it beautifully with lots of feel and enrgy.  Ramajogayya Sastry's lyrics matches the moos of the song. 


Artists: Sai Sharan
Lyricist: Sri Mani

It looks like a thmatic song which is cretaed to portray the mood of the film.  The song has  inspirational undercurrent and is high on intensity.  The lyrics are easy on ears.  Sai Sharan has done full justice to the song with his able rendering. WE will get to hear a lot of this song in coming days.


Artists: Rabbit Mac, Nivaz, Thaman
Lyricist: Ramajogayya Sastry

Ria is romantic pop song and has the ability to become popular with the masses.  Thaman has freely experiemneted with trying different mix of sounds and instruments and has pulled it through as well. .

Kung Fu Kumaari

Artists: Deepak, Ramya Behara
Lyricist: Ramajogayya Sastry

This song is in the mould of an item song and has been rendered adequately by  Deepak and Ramya Behara.  Its an average composition which may appeal to some.

Bruce Lee

Artists: Simha, Sameera Bharadwaj
Lyricist: Ramajogayya Sastry

This is an high energy songs and Sameera has renderd it accordingly.  The beats are not great or new but great singing pulls this song through. The lyrics are avarage