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Clinton & Trump Again Dominate the Super Tuesday

... Editorial Team

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump once again dominated the primaries on Tuesday winning 4 and 3 states repectively. Ohio Gov. John Kasich's recorded his debut victory in his home state of Ohio. 

Meanwhile Marco Rubio has announced his withdrawal from the race after a humiliating loss on home ground in Florida.

Clinton won the states of  Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Illinois. Trump won the crucial state of Florida along with  Illinois and North Carolina. Both Clinton and Trump are reported ahead in the state of Missouri, though the results are not yet announced.

Despite Trump's resounding win in Florida, the fight for Republican Party candidature, however, looks headed to a contested convention after Kasich held his own state and deprived Trump of its 66 delegates, makeing it  difficult for Donald trump to reach the 1,237 delegates he needs to capture the GOP prize. Trump will have to win about 60% of the remaining delegates available in the GOP race -- a goal complicated by the fact that some states award delegates on a proportional basis, rather than doling out their entire hauls to the winner, as is the case in Ohio and Florida.

Source: Reuters, CNN