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Death To C


Death To C

... Jon Evans /Techcrunch:

Ladies and gentlemen, the C programming language. It’s a classic. It is sleek, and spartan, and elegant. (Especially compared to its sequel, that bloated mess C++, which shares all the faults I’m about to describe.) It is blindingly, quicksilver fast, because it’s about as close to the bone of the machine as you can get. It is time-tested and ubiquitous. And it is terrifyingly dangerous.

But don’t take my word for it. Take the word of living legend John Carmack:"Found two pointer-to-out-of-scope-stack bugs today.  I like tight native code, but C/C++ still makes me worry a lot."

or Andy Isaacson, one of the smartest hackers I know, which is saying quite a lot:"Can we stop hand-writing parsing code in C please? #langsec RT @mdowd remotely exploitable Blackphone/SilentText bug "


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