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Delaire Relaeses Her Single-BELIEF


London singer Delaire is part of a wave of ethereal sounding female singers that seem to have been inspired by the return to the live stage of Kate Bush last year. There is more than a hint of the influential singer on this debut, with parts of Belief reminiscent of This Woman's Work. The haunting and sensual black and white video also has elements of Bush's visual work, with emotional rawness writ bare.

Delaire may not have the originality of Bush, but her voice spine-tingles in the same way and a delicate, non overbearing, production allows the vocal to take centre stage. This is airy and spacious music for 2015, light years away from the overloaded pop at the top of the charts right now. Already making an impact on the live scene, this debut from Delaire will add further weight to claims that she's one to watch in 2016.