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DIY Barraettes

... shellie wilson/Craftbits:

What you need:

1 Small Piece Each of Orange, Yellow and White Felt
Barrette Clips
Hot Glue Gun


1. Gather your materials and heat up your glue gun.



2. Take a barrette clip and trace a candy corn shape around to cover the clip/

Candy 2600


3.  Cut out candy corn shape.

Candy 3600


4. Trace your cut out candy corn to make an exact replica.

Candy 4600


Candy 5600


5. Trace top portion only of orange felt piece on top of white felt to create top portion of candy corn. Make two.

Candy 6600


6. Now trace bottom portion of orange felt piece to yellow felt, to create bottom yellow portion. Make two as well.

Candy 7600

7.  Place white and yellow pieces on top of orange in typical candy corn fashion!

Candy 8600

8. Glue yellow and white pieces to orange felt using hot glue gun.

Candy 9600


9. Once pieces of candy corn has dried, apply glue to barrette clip and affix the candy corn quickly to the barrette.

Candy 10600

Candy 11600


10.  Once glue is completely dry, create amazing hairstyles with your new candy corn barrettes! Happy Halloween!!

Candy 12600Candy 13600