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DIY Camping Ideas For Kids


DIY Camping Ideas For Kids

... Pooja Reddy/Unbound:

With holidays coming up,you must be planning on how to keep your kids occupied. Rather than the traditional activities why not come up with something more innovative and involves your kids and their friends. DIY Camps are something you can organise in your very own premises at low cost and help your child get an overall experience.

Here are 5 different kinds of DIY camp ideas and how to implement then for you:


Choose a theme for the camp.It can be anything your kid loves such as fairyland,cartoons,animals,crafts etc., Invite over your kids friends and provide them with the supplies needed. If you think providing supplies might be expensive then you can instead ask them to bring their own supplies. Give the kids the topic and ask them to draw,paint,sculpt or anything they are interested it and make an item related to the theme. Prizes can also be rewarded to the kids whose art stands out.


Is there any show or book your child loves? Why not make a play out of it? It might sound complicated but its not. Pick a show and invite all your kids friends to act. Make a story line and allot roles and dialogues. Help the kids make their own costumes, this will get them to involve better in the play. After few classes of practice, invite over all the kids parents and their friends put up a show for everyone.


Why not invite all your kid’s friends in your area and choose a park in your locality and conduct a ‘Go Green’ event? You can ask the parents to pool in money to buy plant sampling. The kids accompanied along with their parents can plant the sampling. It wont just be an outdoor activity for your child but also help them gain environmental awareness.


Does your child love science? Then why not conduct a science camp? Invite your kids friend’s and ask them to make a science related project. Allot topics for each individual or group. Topics can include anything like light,friction,chemical reactions etc., You can choose place a conduct a camp and invite other people to come visit and the kids can explain their projects. The best project can also be awarded.


Why not take yours kids and their friends for an outing? You can visit a zoo,a park or anything convenient for the group. Pack food and go on a picnic. The kids can go bug hunt, flower pressing, sun prints, rock climbing. Parents can take turns to monitor the kids. Just don't forget to pack lots of water and sun screen.