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DIY Christmas Pro Tips

... Elisabeth Kruger/DIY & Crafts:

Christmas is definitely the priciest of all the holidays, so I like to take the DIY route as much as possible to save some bucks here and there. It also tends to get rather chaotic, so a bit of foresight and planning can go a long way to ensure that the actual eve and day runs as smoothly as possible, so that you can relax and enjoy instead of stress and pull your hair out.

These genius hacks, tips, and tricks can give you that assistance and relief so that you get to enjoy that magical Christmas, full of festive family fun and delicious treats in a gorgeously decorated home.


Candy Label Holder

Candy Label HolderWhat’s Christmas without candy canes, right? If you’re in need of a cute and easy way to make place card holders to show people where to sit, or to label all your delicious snacks, then look no further than your trusty bag of candy.

Instructions and Project Credit: IndustriousJustice

Coffee Filter Angel Wings

Coffee Filter Angel WingsI just love making pretty adornments out of everyday household items, and this one is a perfect example. Practically every American household has coffee filters, so if you can afford to spare some (wouldn’t want you being coffee-less on Christmas morning!), you can make some of these dainty little angel wings to brighten up your tree.

Instructions and Project Credit: CraftsALaMode

Olaf Treat Jar

Olaf Treat JarIf you’re looking for a whimsical way to serve some treats for the kids then this Olaf jar is a guaranteed hit. Who would’ve thought that two terra cotta pots placed on top of each other create the perfect shape for the lovable snowman’s head?

Instructions and Project Credit: Moms&Munchkins

Faux Fireplace

Faux FireplaceMost of us envision that idyllic Christmas home scene with the stockings hanging from the fireplace and cards and snow globes proudly displayed atop the mantelpiece. Sadly, everything can’t always be as perfect in real life as it is in our minds, but that’s not to say that we shouldn’t try. So if you don’t have a real-life fireplace, why not fake it till you make it?

Instructions and Project Credit: eHow and Instructions and Project Credit:SomewhatSimple

Dollar Store Wreath

I absolutely love decorating my front door with a festive wreath to spread the holiday cheer, but I’m not a fan of spending too much money on it. Thankfully, there’s a really simple way to make your own inexpensive version using a wire coat hanger and Christmas ornaments.

Instructions and Project Credit: AJsCraftRoom

Paper Doily Forest

Paper Doily ForestIf you want to create a magical, wintery forest scene, then look no further than a few paper doilies and toothpicks. This soft, simple, and elegant decoration is so easy to put together, and would look gorgeous above the mantelpiece or even as a centerpiece for your table.

Instructions and Project Credit: OuiOuiOui

Candy Bowl

Candy BowlThis isn’t just a bowl full of candy, this is a bowl that’s actually made from candy! How great is that? As long as you don’t get the bowl wet, it won’t turn into a sticky mess, and if you want your sweet treat bowl to last longer (perhaps to give as a gift), you could preserve it with some sort of sealant.

Instructions and Project Credit: PrincessPinkyGirl

Ornament Storage

Ornament StorageI get super excited when it comes to setting everything up for Christmas, but having to untangle everything and try to make sense of boxes of holiday chaos is not the ideal way to start. Instead of burdening your future self with a disorganized box of who knows what, use plastic cups as mini compartments to keep everything organized until next year.

Instructions and Project Credit: Mom’sPartyCafé

Festive Chandelier

Festive ChandelierTurn your chandelier into a festive one with the addition of a few fun Christmassy ornaments. Remember, anything goes during this time of year, so you can go ahead shamelessly and Christmas-ify pretty much anything in your home.

Instructions and Project Credit: BrassyApple

Snowman Pretzels

Snowman PretzelsWhen it comes to my favorite thing about Christmas, it’s a toss-up between the incredible food and the fun presents (yes, ok, that’s gluttony and greed right there…). These adorable little snowman pretzels make the perfect little treats to snack on and they’re so easy to make! This is also an excellent opportunity to get the kids involved.

Instructions and Project Credit: HungryHappenings

Hot Glue Snowflakes

Hot Glue SnowflakesThis is one of those ‘I can’t believe I’ve never thought of this’ crafts that I am so excited to try. Creating snowflakes is so easy with the help of a hot glue gun, and you can use them to decorate pretty much anything, not just your windows.

Instructions and Project Credit: WeLivedHappilyEverAfter

Pumpkin Snowman

Pumpkin SnowmanIf you find yourself stuck with pumpkins after your Halloween and fall decorating, here’s a cute way to repurpose them: paint the suckers white and turn them into snowmen who welcome your guests as they enter your home.

Instructions and Project Credit: ANolaGirlAtHeart

Wrapping Paper Wreath

Wrapping Paper WreathAfter all the wrapping of gifts (I like to get that out of the way as early as possible), you can use your leftover scraps to make a jolly starburst wreath! Don’t be afraid to mix and match whatever it is you have left over.

Instructions and Project Credit: CentsationalGirl

Snow Slime

Snow SlimeAs great as this time of the year is, you can’t deny that it can also get pretty chaotic, especially if you have little ones pining for your constant attention. If you need to keep them busy and out of your hair while you get back to your preparations, then this snow slime might just be your saving grace.

Instructions and Project Credit: GrowingAJeweledRose

DIY Cookie Boxes

DIY Cookie BoxesHomemade cookies are excellent gifts for teachers, co-workers, and neighbors, but after all that baking, you’ll need an easy way to present them. I’m always looking for ways to recycle, so here’s your answer: decorate those empty parchment paper/aluminum foil boxes, or, for the larger cookies, go for empty Pringles tubes!