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DIY Halloween Octopus Costume

... Pooja Reddy/Unbound:

Halloween being around the corner,we’ve come up with a brilliant DIY costume idea for your kid.All you’ll need is a onsie,4 pairs of knee socks,safety pins,colourful bottons to decorate the socks and extra fabric for stuffing. 

Stuff all the socks with cotton,paper or cloth pieces and fill it up.Make sure that the stuffing is light weight because you’ll child will have to carry it around.Help your kid put on the onsie and attach the stuffed socks with the help of safety pins all around the dress. If possible try stiching the socks onto the onsie before itself. Try picking out colourful and bright combinations for the costume to make it more attractive. You can even stick two plastic eyes or stich them on the top of the hoddie and even stitch buttons on the socks for more realistic look.

Happy Halloween!!