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DIY Scented Mason Candle Jars

... Recycledayblog/DAW:

Mason jars are so versatile. Here is an easy Do It Yourself project, including the supplies you’ll need, step by step instructions, oodles of images and use ideas on making your own Mason Jar Oil Candles. They are beautiful to look at and your home will smell wonderful, too. Best of all, they’re cheap and easy to make with recycled and reused items

You will need the following materials:
hammer + Nail 
1 glass or heavy plastic bottle with metal screw-on lid
1 bottle of paraffin oil, olive oil ,almond oil or any clean burning unscented oil   
1 100% cotton wick   **It's important that it be all cotton. If there is polyester or anything else in it, it may produce unhealthy fumes when it burns.

1 pair of scissors

1. put decorative items in clean jar, arrange items until you get the look you want 
pinecones, pineneedles, stones, crystals , cranberries Evergreen trimmings, Berries, Holly Misletoe seed pods twigs/ sticks   etc                                                                                                                                      

2. Unscrew the lid (this should be metal) and poke a hole in the top using the hammer and nail (or screwdriver).

3.   fill jar w/ unscented paraffin oil  Soak wick in oil before inserting 
-To make the wick, place your fabric strip or string into the bowl. Natural fabric or string works best, otherwise your wick may smell and not burn as well. Pour in just enough olive oil to saturate the strip. Once it is thoroughly soaked, take out the strip and place it on the paper towel; squeeze out any excess oil to prevent dripping.

4. drill hole in top of flat cap lid same diameter as wick holder insert
 thread fiberglass wick through wick holder insert

5. place the wick (& wick holder insert) in the lid hole & put the lid on the jar making sure the wick hangs in the center of the jar

6. screw lid ring on jar tight