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First Date Conversation Starters

... Pooja Reddy/Unbound:

We all know, first impression is the best impression. When it comes to first dates, first few minutes of conversation are crucial. The perfect first date conversation starters are the most important as they can make or break your date move further.

Few people find it very easy to impresses others on their first meet where as its very difficult for others.

How to make you first date conversation impressive?

How to start a conversation?

These are the common questions running in anyone’s mind whose going on a first date. We’ve come up with these amazing 9 tips on how to start and behave during your date to leave a long lasting impression on your date.

1.Start well: Choose a place pleasant and something both of you would like. Be on time and be courteous and warm while talking. Use the name of your name atlas now and then so that your date feels more special.

2.Remember to smile: Have a smile on your face whenever necessary so that there isn't any awkwardness. Smiling will also make your date more feel more relaxed and comfortable around you.

3.Be respectful: Show respect. Thats the most important thing anyone expects from others. Don't be aloof or make uncomfortable conversations. Don't try to be dominant and treat the other as an equal.

4.Topic Conversations: Don't be intruding and dig into their past and personal stuff already. They’ll tell you when they are ready. Topics especially like past relations,future plans can scare your date. So be careful about what you talk and remember to be casual.

5.Be Flattering: Flatter in moderation. If you think your date dressed well or if you like anything about them then be generous and compliment. Don't over do and be genuine when you compliment. 

6.Be clear: Talk clearly. Be audible. Be soft. Don't mumble. Be relaxed. Make sure you remember all this while talking to make your conversation pleasant and romantic.

7.Eye contact: Its really important to have eye contact with your date. That doesn't mean you stare at them constantly and scare them. Look into their eyes while talking or listening ,it’ll show that they have your complete attention and not just that it’ll even show that you are happy and excited to be around them.

8.Body language: Don't fidget or keep moving continuously. Be stable and make sure you look comfortable when you are seated. Don't keep touching your date unnecessarily. Remember to graceful.

9.End well: As long as you end well you, you wont be making the evening memorable. Ending the date warmly and memorably is just as important as starting the date well. As long as you end the ate well, you wont be able to leave your date thinking fondly of you.