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Google Opens Machine Learning Platform to Developers

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Google has announced thats its making it new machine learning platform avail;able for developers.Google's Cloud Machine Learning platform, is used by Google Photos, Translate, and Inbox.Machine learning powers features like the Google app's speech recognition and the smart reply feature in the Inbox app. 

The announcement was made at NEXT 2016, Google's Cloud Platform conference, byAlphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt who called machine learning "what's next,".The service is now available in limited preview. The company said in a statement. “Our platform is now available as a cloud service to bring unmatched scale and speed to your business applications.”

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Jeff Dean, the Google Fellow in charge of the company's machine learning efforts.

Google is not the first major company to introduce a machine learning platform, following in the footsteps of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services who launched their own platforms in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

The Google platform basically consists of two parts: one that allows developers to build machine learning models from their own data, and another that offers developers a pre-trained model. The pre-trained models include existing APIs like the Google Translate API and Cloud Vision API, but also new services like the Google Cloud Speech API. 

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Google stressed  that it wants to bring the technology it developed internally to developers and make it as easy to use as possible. With three of the biggest cloud platforms pushing machine learning, it's only a matter of time before all our apps get a lot smarter. 

Source: Techcrunch

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