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Growing Kids Fitness Tips

... Pooja Reddy/Unbound:

Kids try to learn and master basic body movement skills from a very early age. It is essential that they have a very healthy life study from the beginning itself. IDEA Health and Fitness Association have recommended few tips for the parents to help the kid grow better.

Kids development stages change from age to age. Here’s a brief description about the different ages and the right kind of activities for your kids.

Kids from ages 2-5 years:

These are the “building block” years for any child, their imaginative,intellectual and physical development starts at this age and its important to have a strong foundation. Parents need to try and include all kinds of physical activities in their schedule because they start learning basic body movements like walking,jumping,hopping etc.,at this age. Also include creativity development class like painting,drawing,singing etc.,because its gonna bring out the inner artist in your kid. Tell them inspirational stories and help them discover their inner selves.

Kids from ages 5 To 8 years:

Complex body movements can be seen in children of this age. They learn to become fitter and smarter than kids of younger age. Its crucial that they have a very healthy competitive surrounding particularly now, there are chances that the kid might get mis-guided because of the competition and it can effect his overall outlook towards others an competition. So, enrol them in friendly,non-competitive group classes like cricket,swimming or any other physical activity. Understand your kid’s interests and help pursue them.

Kids from ages 8 To 10 years:

The decline in children's physical activity often begins during this age range, according to Kenneth Cooper, MD, MPH, author of Kid Fitness. Strengthening of heart,lungs, muscles and bones begins at this age. Huge hormone changes happen, making the kids self conscious.Kids should try and participate in group activities to improve their fitness levels, which makes them stronger showing an positive effect on their attitude and behaviour.

Kids from ages 10 To 12 years:

Puberty kicks in at this age as major hormonal changes occur. Children tend to be dissatisfied with themselves because of the changes happening in their body. Concentrate on programs which focus on self development and make sure they participate in physical activites,it’ll make them confident. Kids’ fitness expert Debi Pillarella, MEd, suggests purchasing youth-sized steps or jump ropes and letting your child have a special workout area in your home.

Most importantly, always support your child and help them work towards their well-being. Always understand the individual needs as all kids are not the same and make adjustments in their day to day activities accordingly.