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Is life all about a career?


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Is life all about a career?

... Utkarsh Dev:

This morning, I got a text from a friend I haven't been in contact with for the past 2 years. Two years ago, when we graduated from college, he went to do PGDM from an IIM and I started preparing for civils. 

Just to make it clear, we weren't the best of friends. We were just friends, often hanging out in the same group of people, or sometimes I would sleep over at his place because he lived alone and we both liked to play chess and poker. So, when we parted ways after college, there was no contact.

Now, today morning he texted me from abroad. And this is what he had to say. "Bhai, I just need someone to talk to me. I haven't talked to a friend in 3 weeks." 

This is a guy who is working with one of the biggest investment banks in the world and earning a handsome salary. He is living the 'dream' of a lot of people but when he felt lonely, he called someone he hasn't been in contact with for 2 years. Just imagine how lonely he must really be.

I have always found him somewhat non-sentimental, and he is definitely not one to be emotional, but today he was reminiscing about college life. He was missing all the friendships he had and destroyed (most of them unintentionally and just because he couldn't find time for them).

So, coming to your question... No, life is not all about a career.

Life is about a lot of things, but it is mostly about the people in it. The people that you begin with, and the people that you meet along the way. The people that are there when things go bad, and the people that are there to rejoice in your success. It's these people that make life worth living.

We always want what we don't have and take what we have for granted. The grass always seems to be greener on the other side. But it's only after we have lost what we had, do we realize its importance. Now, the sad part about that realization is that more often than not, it's too late to go back. The people you wish to keep close have already moved on.

Source- Quora