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Kids Calorie Intake

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Knowing the right amounts of food your kid is consuming is very important as their overall growth and development depends on their nutrition intake. With he increasing rate of kids overweight and obesity issues, its better to have a check on your child’s calories intake and make sure they don't over eat. At the same time you wouldn't wanna give them very less food resulting in deficiencies.

Different age groups needs different amounts of food and have different nutrition levels. 


Ages ranging from 1-2 years are called toddlers and about 45 calories per pound of body weight each day, which ranges from 1,000 to 1,400 calories per day.  Kids of this age have small stomachs comparatively so the meals should be split and then fed between time intervals.


Kids ranging from the age gaps 3-4 fall under this category. But the food requirements might be different for kids who are 3 years and 4 years as $ year old kids don't grow as fast as 3 year old kids. 3 year old children might need about 45 calories for ever pound they weight i.e.,1000-1400 calories per day,where as 4 year old will be only needing 41 calories,which is between 1200-2000 calories per day. Since kids of this age are generally very picky,its always a good idea yo mix healthy stuff with the food they like or opt for healthier and lighter versions of their favourite foods.

School-age Children

Children between the ages 5-6 will be needing around 41 calories per pound of body weight an d kids from 7-11 need 32 calories per pound. So, over all they’ll be having to consume 1600-2500 calories every single day. try an inculcate healthy food habits in your kids and make sure they don't indulge in junk food a lot,which will make them heavier from all the extra calories.

You should always remember that calorie intake is different for every child and it depends on their body and day-day activities. Make sure your child gets enough physical activity and combine it with healthy foods fro over all growth.