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Learning to Play Piano Makes You Smarter


Learning to Play Piano Makes You Smarter

... Stacey/joytunes:

n the past few days the internet has been flooded with articles discussing the decline of piano sales. Many readers and journalists alike have jumped to the conclusion that less piano sales is directly correlated to less interest in learning to play piano but this is simply not true. In reality, the decrease of piano sales could be related to many things. For example, families may have less disposable income to invest in an acoustic piano. Some family homes may just not have the space for a baby grand piano.

The simplest solution to these problems comes in the form of affordable digital keyboards. The piano teachers we know have little issue with kids practicing on keyboards. In fact, many piano teachers’ studios are filled with keyboards. Teachers are reporting that they still have a steady stream of piano students and our company, JoyTunes, has 4 million users, with a steady increase every day.

What is JoyTunes?

JoyTunes is changing the way children learn to play music. By focusing on what kids love, technology and gaming, JoyTunes’ music education apps are designed to capitalize on the way children learn by “speaking” to them in a language that they find exciting and engaging. Through a game-like concept, the apps challenge students to achieve higher scores and unlock new levels. In addition to thousands of songs ranging from pop to classical and everything in between, the Piano Maestro app also includes well-known method books and exercises. All of JoyTunes’ apps help children learn important music skills including sight reading, rhythm, coordination and more.

Learning  to Play Piano is a Smart Choice

Learning to play piano or any other instrument has always been a popular activity and there is no reason to speculate that it will decline. Similar to other extracurricular activities, learning to play music is a way for children to develop important life skills. However, what sets music apart from other options is that not only do students gain confidence, a sense of accomplishment and poise, but their brain actually benefits and changes as a result of learning to play an instrument.

Take a look at the info graphic below to see some of the most impressive brain-benefits. Remember, it’s never too late to get your child started in music lessons! What parent wouldn’t want their child to be engaged in an activity that is fun, skill-building and actually makes children smarter? It’s time for every child to start learning to play piano!

Learning to play piano has many brain benefits