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Making Music is tremendously Healthy for Your Brain


Making Music is tremendously Healthy for Your Brain

... Ashish/scienceabc:

There must be something in those words put out in a melody that sounds so nice to the ears. Music is one thing which has influenced people since time immemorial. May it be for entertainment, for relaxation, for spiritual assembly or anything else, music finds its way in almost all domains of human activities.

Not only humans, it is seen that even animals respond to a melody, provided it is played at the right volume! Some studies have been carried out on humans, when the brain of the person who was actively listening to music was analysed using high-tech equipment.

It was found that listening to music led to activation of many regions of the brain, all at once. Unlike while doing a math problem, only a certain part of the brain is activated, listening to music activates multiple regions of the brain. So it means that a nice tone influences and literally touches many parts of the brain.

Now comes the question: what happens inside your brain when you are actually making or producing a piece of music? It may be making a new tone on the guitar, making a new symphony on the piano or anything else, but is it any good to your brain?

It is excellent for your brain!

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