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Microsoft launches Edge browser extensions

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Microsoft has officially launched a new preview version of Windows 10, containing a version of the Edge browser that officially supports extensions. After the preview period, everyone with Windows 10 will get access to the updated version of the browser. There will be just three extensions to start off with and right now, it isn’t known if Chrome extensions will also be compatible with Edge but we should know more soon.

Traditionally, extension support has been one of the weaker features in Microsoft’s browsers. with its latest browser Edge, the company is trying to address this limitation.Extensions for the Edge browser will be downloaded from the Windows Store directly. Unlike Internet Explorer’s native add-ons, Edge has designed its extensions platform to be easier for developers to work with and port from other browsers.


According to Microsoft one of our highest priorities is to ensure that Microsoft Edge is the safest, most reliable and fastest browser we could build...with this in mind, we have built Microsoft Edge so customers can add extensions to the browser with the confidence that they will operate as expected.”

With this update, Microsoft is also bringing the  pinned tab feature which was available in all other major browsers.


Source: Techcrunch,