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Mirrorless Vs Digital SLR Cameras


Mirrorless Vs Digital SLR Cameras

... Simon Phillips:

I thought I would do a Blog about my personal opinion about why I haven’t jumped over to the mirrorless system and the likes and dislikes about the two different systems. I haven’t used the system yet just going from what I’ve heard and read about.

Well when I got into photography back in 2004 when I was still at school I would have been 14 y.o. at this moment in time I had a little Fuji finepix 340A from memory but I also purchased a Canon EOS 3000N film SLR which I liked more due to the optical view finder, I like the way that when I look thought the camera thats what I will get in the final image when I instruct the camera on what to do. Well fast forward 11 years and now I have 2 digital SLR cameras and looking to get another one or two… the reasons I like them is they are simple to use I have everything at my finger tips if I need to change things quickly this is more pronounce on the higher end/professional cameras like the 5D mark III, 5DS, 5DSR and the 1DX. I like the way I can go thought the menu system for the main key settings like White Balance, ISO, shooting modes (Av,Tv,P & M) and changing focus points with ease, like this 5D mark III below as you can see the key settings to change are done though the top of the camera so no need to go though the main menu.


I do like how theses cameras are pretty solid and I like something that feels good in the hands and has a bit of weight to it as it makes me hold the camera more steady (even if the Canon 1Dx is 1.5KG with the battery).


Everyone goes on about the size over the difference in physical size and weight compared to the mirrorless systems but a lot of that they don’t talk about the negatives about making the camera’s smaller like the battery capacity for one. I know with my 5D mark III’s battery I can do almost a full days shooting with it taking 2000-3000 photos before having to change the battery over, when I was talking to Nigel Harniman at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed this year in the media room. I was asked him about the system and he said the camera goes though the batteries quickly so only lasting a couple of hours, Plus I asked about how often you’d have to clean the sensor if you change lenses in the outdoors.

I’m often doing this to change lenses or add a extender now in the conditions I shoot are not ideal to change a lens in but I do my best to keep the camera body away from the elements which works most of the time. With the mirrorless system I’ve been told that If I intend on changing lenses throughout the day a mirrorless system is not for me as they have no protection when you take off the lens… at least with a slr camera you have a mirror and shutter assembly that acts as a barrier.

Also when it comes to shooting as I am a motorsports photographer I like to be able to choose my focus points and I’ve heard that with the mirrorless system I wouldn’t be able to do this and this is a big down side to me as I like to have full control over my camera.

Now I know this sounds like I have been quite negative about the mirrorless setup but I’m not done quite yet about this topic.


With the Sony system for a example I very nearly sold all my Canon get to jump ship on to the Sony system as I liked the fact it was smaller and produces nicer images plus the extra megapixels are nice, like the new A7R II thats just come out which has over 40 of them in a compact system wise being packed full of features. I do like the screens that you can angle like when you can put the camera on the ground as I’ve started shooting low recently, with my dslr I have to lay down on my belly in the dirt when with this I could frame up my shot while keeping myself clean and if I need to move quickly I can.


Theses cameras do look nice and I will most likely get one at some point when my photography work grows as this would be very handy for photoshoots where I want more than 22 megapixels mainly for easier files to work on. I wouldn’t get rid of my Canon setup as I couldn’t replace it as it works for me and the mirrorless system wouldn’t work for sports photography, I can see the mirrorless system being fine for travel, artitecture, automotive, weddings, studio photography but for anything where you need a quick system that you can take full control of then I don’t see it working for me.

I would love to travel to Iceland one day and do some video and stills up there so the Sony system could work for me on that adventure for its size and weight advantages.


Theres quite a difference in size as well which you can see in this photo of the 1Dx and a A7R in this persons photo (off of Google images). Its quite something when you see them side by side even though theres a bit of the Sony under the Canon but still its impressive.

So at the end of the day would I keep with the Canon line up with their DSLR cameras or go over to Mirrorless for the years to come… well my answer would be that I’d stick with the Canon DSLR system as it works for me and I trust the system and know the camera inside and out :) plus I have to much invested in the lineup with my 300 2.8 IS and to sell it all I would loose money… how I look at it is if the system is still working for me then why switch over to something else.

I have plans on getting more lenses as well like the Canon 85mm f/1.2 L, 600mm f/4 IS L USM, 70-200mm f/4 L, 17-40mm f/4 L USM, 15mm f/2.8 fisheye lens, 8-15mm f/4 L.  The for camera bodies I’d be interested in a second 1DX, 5D mark II and a 100D (for remote setups for dangerous spots with a ultra wide angle lens).

I’d buy everything second hand to save money as buying new makes no sense to me anymore.


^^ As you can see in this photo I have quite a setup right now.

All the photos in this Blog where found on Google Images and being used only for example use apart from the photo I posted up last of my own gear setup.


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