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Now Use Google Doc to Export in E-pub Format

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Google has announced that it will now let you save your documents directly to .epub (EPUB). This news is a significant development for the authors. epub format is one of the most popular open formats for ebooks.
To export file as E-pub, click File > Download as > EPUB Publication (.epub). The update will be available to all users in 3 days time.
Google Docs: EPUB

Above: Google Docs: EPUB

First released in 2007, EPUB, the main advantage with Epub over PDFs or other document formats is its ability to quickly and automatically adjust text for different screen sizes (one can publish content in a fixed layout also). It lets users change the font and text size themselves, and can accept GIF, JPEG PNG and SVG images.However, Amazon’s e-ink Kindle  still doesn’t support the format directly, though it is easy to convert. Other ereader brands, such as Kobo, support EPUB, as do most smartphones, tablets, and computers.

While it will work with any Google Doc file, it’s designed more for longer-form content, perhaps a company report, academic paper, or — of course — a book.

Source: Venturebeat, The nextweb