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Ola Micro Claims Roaring Success

... Editorial Team

Ola management has claimed that withi  three weeks of its launch it's ride-hailing service, Ola Micro, has already completed half as many rides as the total booked by Uber India.

ReCode has quoted Ola CMO Raghuvesh Sarup sating “The volume in terms of bookings that Ola Micro has done since its launch is equal to the total number of bookings Ola has done in the first three years,” 

Ola Micro, Ola Micro provides riders with compact but air-conditioned vehicles, is priced seriously cheap at six rupees per kilometer and has recorded serious numbers on the back of new adopters of the Ola platform. According to the company sources,  two-thirds of the users of Ola Micro had never used Ola before and one-third of them previously only used the service a handful of times.

Ola Micro is already available in seven cities, including Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. According to Sarup, “We see a very strong universal potential for Micro across is much more affordable than the most affordable taxi in town.”

In addition to Micro, Ola has recently launched two other new services: A premium service Ola Prime and Ola Share. Ola Prime aims to capture the market which Uber vacated when it  shut down Uber Black, the premium service due to lack of demand.

After venturing into many different areas, the company has been focussing on consolidating on its core business of ride-hailing. The company recently discontinued its delivery service and food service 'Ola Cafe' 

Source: ReCode