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OnePlus X Unveiled- 5 Inch Display, 13MP Rear Camera

... Drew Olanoff/TechCrunch:

he rumors were true…today, the OnePlus X Android phone was announced officially at an event in London. The OnePlus 2 isn’t even shipping out to customers yet, but hey, why not announce new stuff? Gadget geeks love them. Since we called the 2 “promising” we have high hopes for the new X.

We got a look at the new device(s) at a San Francisco event earlier this week.

The Onyx version is available on in the UK on November 5th for EUR269 and in the US on November 19th for $249. The invite window will be a month. The Ceramic edition will be available in Europe and India starting on November 24th for EUR369. There’s only 10,000 available, and for good reason…the process to make them takes a total of 25 days in which it’s fire-baked at 2,700 degrees fahrenheit for 28 hours.

In addition to the phones, the company also announced its own headphones, called “OnePlus Icons” which will retail for $49. Sadly, they don’t come with the new OnePlus X, so you’re going to have to pay extra if you want to keep everything uniform.


They come in graphite and gold and will be available sometime “before Christmas.”

Back to the phones. I’ll shoot you straight, it’s an Android phone that wants to be an iPhone. It’s pretty…real pretty, but OxygenOS doesn’t have an advantage over Android’s latest OS, Marshmallow, that I can see. They look good and feel good, but…it might not be enough.