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Poor effects of Lack of sleep


Poor effects of Lack of sleep

... Leta Shy /Popsugar:

We only spend a third of our life actually sleeping, but the art of catching z's can rule the majority of our lives. Between figuring out our circadian clock, juggling work and home, and battling insomnia-inducing factors, we can't get enough of perfecting our sleep routine.

And we have good reason. Not getting enough sleep can lead to a multitude of not-so-great things. Why is sleep so important? Here are 10 consequences of not getting enough sleep.

  1. You'll eat more.
  2. You may not live as long
  3. You'll weigh more
  4. It shrinks your brain
  5. It raises your blood pressure.
  6. It increases your risk of getting sick
  7. It can worsen your memory.
  8. You'll skip your workouts.
  9. It makes you cranky
  10. You're not on your game.