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Radovan Karadzic Held Guilty for War Crimes, Jailed

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The  the International Criminal Tribunal has held Radovan Karadzic, former leader of the breakaway Serb Republic in Bosnia, criminally responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity for attacks on civilians in Sarajevo during the Bosnian conflict in the period 1992-95.

They said Mr Karadzic significantly contributed to a plan which left nearly 12,000 dead in the city in a bombardment that targeted civilians.  The court ruled that he was responsible for crimes against humanity, but not genocide.

Mr Karadzic, 70, faces multiple counts of genocide and crimes against humanity.He is the most senior political figure to face judgement over the violent collapse of Yugoslavia. His case is being seen as one of the most important war crimes trials since World War Two. He faces 11 separate charges, including genocide, extermination, forced removal, and crimes against humanity.Mr Karadzic is also accused of orchestrating a campaign known as "ethnic cleansing" of non-Serbs from the territory of the breakaway Bosnian Serb republic.

He denies the charges. Mr Karadzic argues that any atrocities committed were the actions of rogue individuals, not the forces under his command.

At least 100,000 people died during fighting in the the Bosnian war. The conflict lasted nearly four years before a US-brokered peace deal brought it to an end in 1995.From April 1992 onwards, in northern and eastern Bosnia especially, Bosnian Serb forces carried out a campaign of forced removals. in which hundreds of thousands of non-Serbs were driven from their homes which were often torched or dynamited. When Srebrenica was overrun, 8,000 Muslim men and boys were murdered in the space of a few days, and their bodies dumped in mass graves.

Karadzic's former army chief Ratko Mladic, who was arrested in 2012, is also facing charges of genocide and war crimes committed during the conflict. A judgment is expected in 2017.

Source: BBC, CNN

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