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Robert Fico Loses parliamentary majority, Wins elections

... Editorial Team

As was largely expected, Slovakia's leftist-nationalist Prime Minister Robert Fico has lost his parliamentary majority after about 50% of the vote counting. However, he is almost certain to be able to find coalition partners to return for a third term. 

Mr Fico is known for vowing to  not accept "one single Muslim" migrant. He has fiercely opposed EU quotas on migrant resettlement from Greece and Italy, which would see his country take about 2,600 people. Slovakia will take over the EU's rotating presidency in July. 

This election has also seen strong showing by the far-right People's Party - Our Slovakia led by Marian Kotleba which won more than 8% of the vote. Mr Kotleba, BBC reports, is an unrepentant admirer of Slovakia's wartime existence as a Nazi puppet state, and until recently dressed in a uniform modelled on that state's pro-Nazi militia.


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