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Run Faster

... Pooja Reddy/Unbound:

Running is generally influenced a lot by the our body type,genetics and body structure. Proper training can help improve our performance. Running really fast is compared to having better power and strength throughout the body. With regular practice you can always increase your speed. 


Here are six things for you to consider when you aim to run like a champ:


Lose it:

A study shows that, for every pound lost you’ll tend to run 2 seconds faster per mile. Loosing weight will automatically help you run faster, that doesn't mean the skinner you are the faster you can run. Shed the extra kilos according to your age,height and body type. Running will automatically make your muscles stronger so the more you run and the more weight loose weight and get fit, the faster you are gonna run.


Stretch it out:

Stretching prevents injuries and increases flexibility. Daily stretching increases your stride rate, increasing your pace. Always remember to stretch out before and after running. 


Sprint with toes up:

When you stay loner in plantar-flexion (toes pointed) position, it limits your stride length because you’ll take longer to cycle through the movement and your feet feel heavier. Also you wont be able to use your glue strength and lose extension in the opposite leg. No matter how strong your legs are you’ll loose your running power if you stay in the position for longer.


Head for the hills:

Plan to run outdoors atleast once a week. Choose a hilly place. Running on altering altitudes atlas once a week improves your speed,muscle strength and boost your stride rate.


Strength your core:

Work on strengthening your core muscles esp.,the lower abs. Stronger core muscles will allow you to run faster. Concentrate working on your core for atleast 15min every alternate day. Don't stick to the same exercises, try different variations and alter them between sets.


Hands Movement:

Our Hands movement boost our energy while running. The way we swing our arms is really important.Pull your arms backwards as much as possible and swing them to and fro. When you do so you gain an elastic assistance from the pecs and anterior aspect of the shoulder and  you tend to shorten the swing on the front side, making your transition quicker than usual.