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Slack Adds Own Voice Calling on Desktop

... Editorial Team

Slack has rolled out voice calling for its users on desktop. The new feature is called "Calls," using which a Slack user can start a private call or conference call with any other Slack user or channel.Till now Slack was using third-party solutions like Skype and Google Hangouts for voice calls.

Slack Calls just need to be enabled by your team’s admin, are super easy to use, and blend naturally into the Slack experience. Post enablement, a phone icon should appear throughout the app, allowing anyone to start a call with a specific person or with a group.Click the icon to begin a call. Users must dowload the latest version of the software to be able to use the chat.

A interesting  fun feature about Slack’s Calls is that they’ve built emoji support into them. 

While talking you can send emojis, which will show up on the screen of the person you are talking to, so you can convey how you feel about something visually.Additional users can be added to existing calls as well.

It has been reported by TechCrunch  that voice calling was one of the most requested features from Slack’s 2.3 million daily users. 

Source: Techcrunch, Fast Company & The Verge