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Solar Rainbow Lamp For Kids


Solar Rainbow Lamp For Kids

... Elisabeth Kruger/DIY & Crafts:

If you don’t want to keep your little one in the dark but also don’t want to have a light switched on all night long, then this solar-powered night light is the ideal solution. It’s energy-efficient, it’s pretty, it’s a cinch to make, and it’ll only cost you about $4!

You will need:

  • Crystal ball
  • Small solar garden lights
  • Small glass bowl
  • Glitter paint / extra fine glitter
  • Glue

After gathering all your supplies, start off by painting the inside of your bowl. If you want the rainbow effect then just make sure that you wait for each layer to dry before going on to the next; otherwise you can simply make it one solid color, depending on your (and your little one’s) taste – just try to keep it light. Next, glue the light to the opening of the crystal ball so that the actual light is on the outside. Then you can just place that all on top of the painted bowl so that it make something of a lid.

And that’s it! The light will charge during the day (set it by a window so that it catches the sun) so that when nighttime comes, it’ll give off a nice soft and warm glow through the color. Perfect for your little tot’s room.



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