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Spa Treatment to Alleviate Stress, Depression, Pain et al

... Pooja Reddy/Unbound:

A good spa treatment wont just help you relax but also also help you get over stress,depression,headaches,joint pains,nerve pains,digestive an d respiratory disorders,muscle sprain and not just that they can help cure inflammatory injuries.

Spa treatments are aged back to as old as 14th century.Ayurvedic treatments being the oldest, many new kinds spa treatments came up like thai massage,hot stone massage,deep tissue massage therapy etc., Almost all the spas now a days provide extra services like sauna, steam bath, or hot tub. So make sure to have an complete experience at the spa.There are a variety of spa treatments provided, one need to be specific about the kind of service they need as the right treatment is not just benefit you by relaxing or de-stressing but will help your over all wellness.

Here is our guide for you on some of the most famous kinds of spas and their benefits:

1.Acupressure Massage:

Acupressure is similar to acupuncture,both of them involve applying pressure on specific part go the body at time relieving pressure and tension and help flow of energy. This the best kind of massage treatment for people who are looking for de-stressing and relieving pain. The massage therapist will apply pressure using his fingers. This kind of massage is the best option got relaxing the mind,improving blood circulation and relieving any kinds of pain, this will automatically aid your healing power.

2.Thai Massage:

Thai massage is an full body massage. It involves a series of yoga postures. It helps in relaxing and energising the whole body. Thai spa has many mental benefits, helps you concentrate better and maintain mental balance. Apart from the mental benefits it, helps in relaxing the muscles,improve stamina,lower blood pressure and detoxify. 


If you are looking fro stress relief and relaxation in particular then Aromatheraphy is the best. This kind of a spa involves usage of different kinds of essential oils depending on your needs and specifications. These essential oils are plant based only, so its a completely natural therapy. The therapist uses these oils and massages with long strokes and kneading, helping your skin absorb the oils.

4.Ayurvedic Massage:

Ayurvedic therapy is one of the oldest forms of massage treatments. This kind of treatment helps to maintain mental balance and healthy spirits. It involves using pressure on different pressure points.Ayurvedic massages are almost famous all around the world as it helps detoxify,cleanse,strengthen and relax.

5.Hot Stone Massage:

Hot stone massage has many medical benefits as it is used to cure rheumatic and arthritic conditions,back pain,insomnia,depression and stress. This kind of massages also improve lymph flow and detox. The hot stones are coated in fragrant oils and massaged all through out the body, alternating between hot and cold sessions.

6.Herbal Wrap:

Herbal Treatments involve purification of the complete body. Therapists use cloth strips soaked in herbal pictures and oils and wrap them around body and let you rest for a certain period of time following by steam or sauna. This is a great choice for everyone and anyone looking for a body cleanse.

7.Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep Tissue Massage involve high pressure as its main purpose to realign muscles and tissues. The therapist massages slowly all over especially the areas under tension or pain. This kind os massage helps reduce chronic pains, heal injured muscles and improve blood pressure and circulation.