Statistically, which are the toughest words in the GRE?

... Jamboree Education:

A lot has been made of how the GRE has a difficult Verbal section, and how it can be difficult for anyone to master all the vocabulary tools needed to do well in Verbal. We do not agree: time and time again (over a period of two decades!), we have been able to coach students who thought that they were not sufficiently strong in the words department, and have seen them come out with flying colours. The key to all this was just studying smart.

But even we will agree that some words are just harder than others. They can still be mastered with clever preparation, but more students find them difficult than any other.

In this special Jamboree in depth feature, we look at different ways to determine which GRE words are ‘most difficult’. Always remember that, with the correct preparation, all of these will cease to be difficult at all.

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