Success Mantra to crack IIT-JEE

... Utkarsh Dev:

If you ask IITians about the top 5 factors that they believe lead to their success in IITJEE, one thing you will surely find is that they were highly motivated to enter into IIT. Many times while studying, it happens that you lose your concentration, your mood switches to "non-studying mode" or some irrelevant things bother you and eventually you end your study and start doing something else. The best way to tackle all these problems and remain focused is to remain motivated for IIT. But how? It is simple: you need to do same as other successful candidates did. 

The first rule is that never just think of getting into IIT but think of getting into IIT with good rank. Choose the branch and department you will like to go in and then every time your mind diverts, just ask yourself, "Whether the level of hard work I am doing is going to get me my desired rank, whether I will be able to get my desired branch by studying this much". If your brain answers "no" then you need to study more. It does not matter whether your class rank is fifteenth or first. No one can say that you cannot beat the first ranker of your class on the final day. 

I remember during my preparation days of IITJEE, I dreamed of getting AIR 1 (Although my class rank in my coaching institute was not that promising but I still dreamed this from the bottom of my heart). I imagined myself giving interviews on news channels after getting AIR 1. Though this may sound funny to you but it worked for me. Every time I felt little bit sleepy or out of mood to study, I used to ask myself, what the person who is going to get AIR 2 would be doing (as I told you, I imagined myself as AIR 1) and if the answer would be studying, then I also had to study so that to maintain my AIR 1. My motivation factor was AIR 1. Similarly you need to find your motivation factor. It can be anything. Some of my friends shared with me their motivation factors which are- fear of paying huge amount to study in private college if could not get into an IIT, the quality of life inside the IIT, the fun and opportunities IITians have, to go abroad for higher study or job, etc. 

Remember the old saying that the great battles are won in mind. So start battling in your mind. Find out your motivation factor and use it properly.