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Suffering from Back Pain? Try these Yoga Poses


Suffering from Back Pain? Try these Yoga Poses

... Francesca Bove/Fitnessmagazine:

If you're one of the millions of People suffering from an aching back, consider yoga for back pain (in addition to seeing your doc). An Archives of Internal Medicine study found that the ancient practice alleviates chronic lower-back pain. Here, are some of recommended poses to help ease the ouch. Buh-bye, back problems.

Yoga for Back Pain: Static Back


This pose uses gravity to put your hip and trunk on the same plane, which helps your lower back. Lie down on your back with your arms relaxed at your sides and the backs of your knees resting on a cushion or couch that enables your shins to be parallel with the ground. Your knees should make a 90-degree angle with your torso, and your neck should be relaxed. Hold for at least five minutes

Yoga for Back Pain: Bridge Pose

This exercise forces the spine and the hips to find their fullest extension. Lie down on your back with your feet about a palm's-width distance away from your seat. Keep your feet inner-hip-width distance apart and place a block or pillow between your knees. Squeeze the pillow as you press down into your feet, lifting your hips up. Keep your neck long.

Yoga for Back Pain: Supported Legs Up the Wall

To loosen up your shoulders, lie down and place a yoga block under the sacrum at the wall. Lift your legs up so your heels are resting against the wall. Keep your arms open and relaxed at your sides. Transition to the pose on the next image

Yoga for Back Pain: Supported Shoulder Stand

While in the previous pose, remove the block out to the side and press the soles of your feet into the wall. Use your feet to bring your hips toward your face. Eventually there will be a completely straight line from your knees to your shoulders. This relieves the lower back from carrying the weight of your body.

Yoga for Back Pain: Plank

A strong core supports your spine to keep you upright. Extend one leg back, coming onto the ball of your foot, and then the other, keeping your shoulders above your wrists to form a plank pose.

Yoga for Back Pain: Forward Fold with Toes Touching

Point your toes in toward each other to invite an opening in your lower back. Stand with your toes touching and heels apart. Hang forward, grabbing opposite elbows.

Yoga for Back Pain: Seated Leg Binding Twist

This exercise promotes thoracic (mid-back) extension through rotation. Extend one leg out and bend the other, placing the sole of foot in front of you. Your toes should point forward as your knee points to the sky. Twist toward the bent knee and hug it with your opposite arm. Place the other hand on the ground behind your back for support.


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