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Tips for Better Posture

... Pooja Reddy/Unbound:

Many of us now a days suffer with Poor posture, we are constantly told that we should follow certain steps so that we maintain a good posture. A poor posture is just not about the looks but it always effects your health too, it takes a serious tool on your spine,shoulders,hips and knees causing back pain,knee pain,reduces body flexibility and compromised muscles.

We are here to help you and guide you through the do’s and dont’s,so that you don't suffer with any of this:

1.Move around quite often:

We tend to sit a lot during the day and get very less exercise. Sitting for long hours can have adverse effects on over health and body posture. Stand up and walk around for every 1-2 hours atleast, switch to stairs instead of using the elevator and try to move and change your posture while sitting instead of sitting still for long. Walking atleast for 30minutes a day will help you loose weight,improve your posture and strengthens your heart.

2.Go barefoot:

Walking barefoot strengthens your foot muscles. Always walk with your feet placed completely on the ground, it’ll help distribute your body weight evenly across your foot. Walking barefoot also improves your posture.

3.Practice Shoulder rolls:

Try practising shoulder rolls. Push your shoulders front and back in circular motion every day for a minute atleast. Practising shoulder rolls increases shoulder flexibility. Rounded shoulders, a common side effect of weak posture can be cured by practising shoulder rolls regularly. Rounded shoulders not only messes with your posture but also makes it difficult you to breath because they push your muscles closer. Make shoulder rolls a day to day activity and practice them regularly, you’ll soon start noticing the positive effects.

4.Chin up:

Have your heard of ‘text neck’? Its a new age posture related problem. We tend to look down a lot being our necks into our phones and laptops. Even though we don't realise the effects immediately, the effects are terrible. There’s nothing more than this to ruin your posture. So, try to keep your head straight as much as possible. Avoid looking into your phones unnecessarily. And remember to CHIN UP!

5.Avoid Crossing your legs:

Crossing your legs while sitting causes back and neck pain. Crossing your legs for a long time over a period of time messes with the nerves in your feet and elevates the blood pressure. There’s gonna be a automatic change in your posture, resulting in you bending your back while standing and walking. Always try and sit with your feet planked on the floor.

6.Practice yoga:

Practicing yoga even for just 10 minutes a day will improve your posture.Yoga increases flexibility and strengthens your upper body. Not just that, yoga also improves your over all well being. Mountain Pose (Tadasana),Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana),Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana),Hero Pose (Virasana),Child’s Pose (Balasana) and Locust Pose (Salabhasana) have proven to improve posture. If you are a beginner then contact a professional yoga trainer before practicing. Don't expect results over night, just be patient and keep practicing.