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Tips on Natural Constipation Fixes


Tips on Natural Constipation Fixes

... Karen/fitbottomedgirls:

Fix No. 1: Water

Drink plenty of water, (64 ounces is still a widely agreed upon estimate) and eat foods that have high water content like melon, celery and grapefruit.

Fix No. 2: The Mighty Mango

Eat fresh mango first thing in the morning and immediately after dinner. The fruit contains an enzyme that breaks down protein in the intestines that in turn stimulates the digestive system and offers natural constipation relief.The mango is also rich in dietary fiber. 

Fix No. 3: Work Those Asanas

Combat constipation with the healing practice of yoga. Spinal twists, forward folds and inversions exercise the abdominal organs and stimulate intestinal blood flow. Pranayama or controlled breathing not only helps to relieve emotional stress (another culprit of constipation) but also inspires bowel action through relaxation.Pavanmuktasana, or wind-releasing pose, is helpful in eliminating trapped gas, a common problem associated with constipation, and will get things moving in the right direction. 

Fix No. 4: Castor Oil Poultice and Self Massage

When applied directly to the skin, castor oil will slowly absorb into the intestines. Make a poultice of castor oil and apply it in the evening, just before bedtime. The laxative effect works overnight, promoting gentle stimulation with normal contractions.

Repeat the process for two or three consecutive nights if needed.