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Valuable Tips for CLAT 2016 Exam

... Harkirishna Mude

CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) 2016 is just a few days away. Many of you would already be neck deep with your Preparation for CLAT 2016. However the upcoming Board exams must be creating competing demands on time for some of you who are taking the Boards this year. The good news is that success in CLAT is more a function of strategy and planning then of how much time you have spent preparing for it. The more we speak to CLAT exam takers the more we realize how students year after year falter because they didn’t plan well or didn’t know the key pieces of information which could propel their performance to a higher level.

 We have come up with a list of ‘must does’ and tips for CLAT preparation to help you in cracking CLAT 2016 exam. Some of you would already know these facts if you have the right guide but many of you may not and would immensely benefit if you could follow these best practices leading up to the exam :

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Don’t Leave GK & Current Affairs for the Last:– Unlike common perception that the CLAT exam is all about ‘Legal Aptitude’ , it’s the GK/Current Affairs section which separates the toppers from the others. Those students who spend an hour daily on GK & Current affairs tend to score higher than those who try to read a lot of things immediately before the exams. If you don’t have time to read the whole News Paper or GK books then you can simply scan through the Daily News Updates or GK Snippets that will keep these events afresh in your mind and you will not need to mug them up at the time of the exam.

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Legal Reasoning is more about Reasoning & Less about knowledge of Law:  Many students think that must have command over legal knowledge to be able to crack the CLAT exam. Many CLAT coaching institutes also tend to reinforce this fear and end up teaching lots of technical law to the students. Trying to acquire knowledge of Law is a sheer waste of time in so far as CLAT exam is concerned. Instead one should just get a feel of how legal principles are interpreted and applied under different circumstances. Most of the legal questions give the legal principle and only ask you to use your judgment on right application of the principle. So why waste your time studying law when it’s more about having a logical thought process?

Maths at CLAT is Elementary but Speed is the Key– The difficulty level of Numerical ability section at CLAT has generally been moderate at best. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect your rank. It’s not about getting it right but getting it right faster so that you have more time to spend on more demanding sections like legal reasoning and Logical reasoning for example. If there was lots of time then everyone would solve these questions, however the key is to solve these fast. And this requires practice. Practice that is sincere and long term. The magic mantra for speed is to solve questions form one topic every day; this will keep up with the speed.

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No amount of practice is enough when it comes to Logical reasoning–The field of logical reasoning is pretty vast and the examiners have tended to take liberty with both the topics from where questions are asked as well as the pattern of the questions. 2015 exam pattern is a case in point where the pattern was completely different from the previous years. A change in topic or pattern may unsettle students as such questions end up consuming much more time than one would have originally allocated for. Therefore the only way you can have assurance here is the insurance of practicing as many different types of questions as many times as possible. This will reduce the surprise element for you and make you feel more confident while approaching the paper on the exam day.

These few tips will help you sharpen your focus which in turn can produce amazing results for you. All the best for the CLAT 2016.

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