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Waze can Now Alert you on impending Traffic congestion

... Editorial Team

Google’s Waze is a handy navigation app that helps people with all they need to know about local traffic to speed up as they commute. Now making the experience even better,  Waze has announced about  a handy new feature that will make it easier for those who are planning to drive to an upcoming appointment, meeting or other important trip: Waze Planned Drives.

The option allows one to tell the app when she needs to reach her destination, and it will then alert her as to when she should leave, while taking into consideration things like expected traffic conditions, aggregated traffic history, and more.


The feature makes it easier for users to manage their time and schedule more flexible to-do’s. The feature can be integrated with calendar and Facebook Events. If you’re fine with giving Waze more access to your personal data, including calendar and Facebook feeds, the app can create timed drives for preprogrammed events. It can also notify your contacts of your arrival at a certain destination.

According to the Waze Team, even Planned Drives that one enters in manually are also designed to be a “set it and forget it” thing. The app  makes automatic adjustments to departure times based on real-time traffic conditions – there’s nothing you need to keep track of, after the drive is entered.

Other interesting feature in the latest Waze update include notifications in the Waze Traffic Bar for traffic jams, and automatically muting the app during incoming or outgoing calls.

Waze Planned Drives has been made available on  iOS application, and will arrive soon on Android.

Source: Techcrunch, Venturebeat