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Xiaomi Linux Based Laptops Confirmed for Early 2016 Release

... Gizmodo:

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi was always expected to be releasing a laptop, with contract manufacturer Inventec even revealing its existence not long ago.

The CEO of Inventec has now offered further clarification on Xiaomi's plans for the notebook market and mentioned that there will be two models releasing sometime early in 2016. And contrary to what was initially believed, Xiaomi will supposedly use a Linux operating system on board and not Windows or MIUI.

It is to be seen as to how the two laptops will differ in terms of hardware specifications, which could make all the difference when they're made available for purchase next year.Since the confirmation is coming directly from Inventec, there is no further doubt on our minds that the Xiaomi laptop is indeed real. We hope to come across more word about the features and other hardware aspects of the smartphone over the coming days.

Xiaomi's laptops will compete primarily with the likes of Lenovo, Dell and several other PC market leaders, so it will be interesting to see how that fares.